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IBM Planning Analytics

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson

IBM Planning Analytics with Watson is leading-edge technology with its in-memory OLAP-based engine. It is proven to be the most flexible, scalable, fast and functional database.

This is why Supply Focus is built on top of it. Planning Analytics is robust, reliable and mature and it can handle the necessary complexity, which makes it the ultimate planning, analysis, and reporting solution.


Apliqo UX

Apliqo UX is an unmatched user interface ensuring an intuitive and consistent user experience.

This plug-and-play, browser-based user interface allows for simple installation and configuration, it integrates with MS Excel, provides a guided workflow, and creates an interactive planning and dashboarding user experience across the application.

Apliqo UX is the ideal front-end technology for any organization looking for a consistent user experience.


Demand Sensing

Demand Sensing is a unique machine learning method that predicts demand-based business drivers. This method focuses on understanding the market opportunity for your product while driving operational excellence and allowing for sustainable growth and profitability.

Demand Sensing analysis combines predictive and visual analytics to uncover insights and it leverages all available data that can bring insights into sales, marketing, and supply chain management.

Supply Focus leverages Agnicio’ Demand Sensing concept to drive highly accurate predictive forecasts.



TM1Py opens the Python ecosystem to IBM Planning Analytics with Watson.

It builds the bridge between IBM Planning Analytics and Python by leveraging the REST API technology and creates smooth and simple communication.

Supply Focus leverages Python’s extensive libraries and use cases to extend the possibilities of what you’d traditionally envision possible.


IBM Decision Optimization: CPLEX

CPLEX is the most powerful decision optimization solution in the market with the ability to solve the most complex solutions within the blink of an eye.

It is the ideal technology for Supply Focus not only because of its scalability and speed but also its robustness and maturity.